1. Where do you make your jewellery?

Our jewellery is manufactured in our city-of - the-art factory located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We have a team of globally skilled artisans who build our beautiful designs. At our Dubai facility the entire design and production is centralized to ensure that the highest quality assurance standards can be achieved.

2. I can't find the piece of jewellery I want from the collections on the website, how can I find it?

Please visit the inquiry page and fill in the form attaching a picture and/or product code so we can locate the product you want. Please always remember to send the product image or code to allow a timely reply.

3. Do I need to visit the store?

There is no need to get an appointment. Step in to any of our offices and shop our various collections.If you want a private preview, perhaps for a bridal / exclusive package, we urge you to contact us via email, submission form, phone, to have a better experience.

4. Is there a price difference between Website and Shop prices?

There is no price differential between the two networks apart from promotions. For your convenience, the customer experience is consistent across all our platforms.

5. Once I buy it, I'd like to wear the jewelry, where can I do it?

We also believe that jewellery is more of an experience for the senses and its key to this experience to put on jewellery.Do visit us anytime.If you want to try one particular item, please advise us beforehand.

6. How do I personalize jewellery?

You can customize the jewelry for design elements, metal type and stone style when ordering your jewelry. Our trained and experienced sales experts will advise you on your customisation request's functionality and aesthetic appeal.

7. Could I change my order's gemstone or Metal type?

Sure, you can change the gemstone absolutely, or even change the color and clarity to match your budget. We have three types of metals available; white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. All the gold we use in our jewellery is 18KT gold as this provides the best value in our experience of fashion. We also produce some 14KT gold items, available in our shop.

8. Could they customize all items?

The specification may not be customisable in some cases but we will do our best to meet all customer requirements to the best of our ability.

9. Can I have engravings done?

For products, we provide complimentary precise laser engraving with sufficient space for engraving. That's limited to marriage bands and key rings. We offer a range of fonts for personalized engraving of your products.

10. Why can I use Jonga to fashion my own jewellery?

With the support of our team of designers and craftsmen, we offer customers the opportunity to create their own designs and make pieces with their own creative flair and style. This can be done via a face-to-face or online correspondence, whichever option suits you.

11. How do I put a Jewellery Order?

By visiting our nearest shop or online, you can place an order in person, by submitting the form on our inquiry page.

12. If I like something online, can I place an order at one of the shop for that?

Sure, our shop would make your order easier for a product that you've seen online. All you need to do is code the product.

13. How long does a single custom order take to produce?

Custom orders for individual pieces take up to 4–7 days after approval of the wax model; complex jewelry items need up to 30 days. Firstly, the concept must be built on the basis of your needs. Once this template has been approved it is converted to a 3D model.

14. What do I need to know about diamonds?

Also ensure there is diamond certification. Purchase from a trusted brand name where you can go back and return in case of any issues. The 4Cs – Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat – also understand.

15. How are diamonds graded according to colour?

The diamond color determination of most diamonds of gem quality is based on lack of colour. A diamond that is chemically pure and structurally flawless has no colour, like a drop of pure water, and therefore, a greater value.

16. How is the clarity graded to diamonds?

Natural diamonds are the result of carbon exposed to tremendous deep-earth heat and pressure. This process may result in a variety of internal features called inclusions, and external features called blemishes.

17. How to value diamonds by cut?

Diamonds are renowned for their ability to sparkle so brightly and emit light. They sometimes think of cutting a diamond as shape – round, heart, oval, marquise, pear, etc. – but the cut grade of a diamond is really about how well the facets of a diamond connect with light.

18. How does carat grade diamonds?

The weight of a diamond carat is a measure of how much a diamond weighs. A 200 milligrams metric carat is defined as. All else being equal, the price of diamonds increases with the weight of the diamond carat, since larger diamonds are rarer and more desirable. Yet two diamonds of the same carat weight can have very different values, depending on three other diamond 4C factors.

19. Which repair services are you offering?

We provide all forms of repair services ranging from resizing, loose stone tightening, polishing, brace fastening, tightening clips, removing clasps and clips.

20. How long does repair take?

Once you have inspected and assessed your jewelry for damage, you will be told of the time it takes to fix it. Our manufacturing facility is centrally located in Dubai, and we try to complete simple repair tasks within 4 days and return jewelry to customers.

21. Should you accept returns when product is defective?

If the product concerned is defective in development we will provide repair and/or replacement within two weeks of the date of purchase as per receipt. If the consumer does not wish to take these options, we can only consider a refund on store credit if these two conditions are fulfilled; delivery of original purchase receipt and if the product is unused.