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Our mission: to offer consumers the finest quality diamonds online at the best possible price and the largest selection.

Founded its roots in 1990 with a little knowledge about diamonds, fast forward to the current day Appealing to all tastes with a wide range of exquisite and trendy designs, the customized approach and inclusive portfolio of Jonga has captured the attention of many and is graced by women from almost every segment of society. We always firmly believed that more options, clear knowledge and legendary service were warranted by our clients. We felt strongly about building a team of dedicated diamond and jewelry experts who put the customer first. As the pioneer in fine jewelry and handcrafted engagement rings, we are continually evolving and searching for ways to help you find and create the perfect pieces for every occasion. We aim for success as your jeweler. We also reshaped the purpose of purchasing engagement rings and beautiful jewelry so that you can make the most of your spending. We pass the savings on to you by cutting out the middleman, while maintaining exceptional customer service and the highest quality diamonds and gemstones.

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